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Corporate Liability Ins.: Fraud Prevention

Corporate Liability Ins.: Fraud Prevention




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This is a complete course of study providing education and training which allow the student to learn how to deal with the need to eliminate insurance fraud in the United States. You will review and understand the wording of the commercial general liability insurance policy. This is the eleventh course in the series helps a representative of an insured become aware of what is required of an insured to assist an insurer in its investigation, defense and defeat of insurance fraud. It also allows the insurer to complete a thorough investigation of a liability claim made against the insured and to assist the insurer in its obligation to defend, indemnify and defeat an insurance fraud attempt. This course covers the following: The definition of fraud and evidence needed to prove fraud. The definition of insurance fraud. How to recognize insurance fraud. The evidence needed to prove that insurance fraud was attempted. An example provided by California criminal insurance fraud statutes that allow arrest, trial and conviction of insurance fraud perpetrated. What an insurer must do when fraud is suspected. The red flags or indicators of insurance fraud. The Special Fraud Investigation Unit. Insurance fraud is a crime in most states. The example of how California statutes deal with insurance fraud.A description of various liability claims schemes. The authority for denial of a claim for fraud. How to deny a fraudulent insurance claim. The philosophy governing denial of a fraudulent claim.

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