TOEIC Upgrade (with MP3)

TOEIC Upgrade (with MP3)

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TOEIC Upgrade (with MP3)書號:0120673ISBN:9781613528280作者:Peggy Anderson出版日期:2017 年 01 月本書介紹2018年TOEIC新制考題推薦用書適合英文程度為初級者的新制多益考試準備用書,一步步引導學生了解每個項目的試題,循序漸進提供學生多益考試必備的語言技巧與應試策略,書中的考試重點、範例、檢測問題和複習考,皆為了幫助學生發揮最大潛力而設計,詳細解析各單元題型的學習重點以及教導如何破解的解題技巧。Thorough and easy to use for both teachers and learners, TOEIC® Upgrade is a comprehensive guide to success in taking the TOEIC®. It includes the most up-to date information about recent changes to the TOEIC® format and provides abundant practice for every section of the test. Beginner and upper-beginner learners will improve their general English skills while also benefiting from the practical test-taking tips that appear throughout the book.Features:● Examples and explanations of every type of TOEIC® item, including the new question types introduced in 2016● Systemic practice exercises for every test section, with test-taking tips and Step-by-Step Practice Tests to check progress● Essential Vocabulary lists and practice for all topics covered on the TOEIC®● Listening exercises and tests on an accompanying MP3 CD, with audio files also available online● Clear explanations of the grammar points most often tested● An authentic Mini-Test for each part of the TOEIC®● A pull-out book with a full transcript for audio files and an answer key for all exercises● A complete downloadable practice test to help learners prepare for test day● Two complete practice tests to help educators prepare their classes for the actual test


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