Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test 4/e (with Key)

Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test 4/e (with Key)

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Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test 4/e (with Key) 書號:01201080 ISBN:9781337396530 作者:Bruce Rogers 出版日期:2017 年 08 月 2018年TOEIC新制考題推薦用書 The Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test provides learners with a clearly organized, step-by-step program for maximizing their test scores. It is the most complete and up-to-date guide to the TOEIC Test on the market. The fourth edition reflects the changes in test design introduced by ETS in 2016. SEVEN LESSONS COVER THE SEVEN PARTS OF THE NEW TOEIC TEST. EACH LESSON INCLUDES: ● Format - an explanation of the structure of that part of the test ● Tactics - hints to help learners maximize their scores ● Preview Test - a hands-on introduction to that part of the test ● Testing Points - an analysis of important language points tested ● Skill-Building Exercises - activities that build the skills needed to achieve higher scores ● Review Test - consolidation of everything studied in the lesson OTHER FEATURES: ● Q&A section provides background information on the test, plus a clear outline of the new test format so that there are no surprises on testing day ● Eight Keys to Higher Scores suggest ways to prepare for the exam, and give overall strategies for taking the TOEIC Test ● Two Complete Practice Tests simulate actual tests in terms of format, content and difficulty. Downloadable audio MP3s, listening scrips, and answer keys are available at: ****課本音檔、Answer key、Audio Script免費下載**** 請至文鶴官網下載


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