(BIS) 紅色小提琴 科里利亞諾 庫西斯托 小提琴協奏曲 The Red Violin SACD2020

(BIS) 紅色小提琴 科里利亞諾 庫西斯托 小提琴協奏曲 The Red Violin SACD2020

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專輯類型: 1SACD 發行年份: 2013 國際條碼: 7318599920207 音樂廠牌: BIS Elina Vahala 艾莉娜.瓦哈拉 小提琴 Lahti Symphony Orchestra 拉赫蒂交響樂團 Jaakko Kuusisto 雅可.庫西斯托 指揮 The Classical Reviewer.blogspot.co.uk 09/2013: [Kuusisto Concerto:] This is a terrific concerto, effectively written and distinctively orchestrated and is brilliantly played by its dedicatee Elina Vahala… [The Red Violin:] This is an attractive work superbly played by Elina Vahala whose beautiful tone, as well as remarkable virtuosity, comes through clearly. Again there is excellent playing from Jaakko Kuusisto and the Lahti Symphony Orchestra. John Corigliano's violin concerto 'The Red Violin' originated as the score to a film about a violin by one of the Old Italian master-builders, and its journeys around the world throughout three centuries. While working on the film score, Corigliano also produced a one-movement concert version of it, which he later expanded into a full-scale concerto in four movements. The son of a violinist, Corigliano's aim was to write a concerto in a style his father would have wanted to play, and he has managed to do so without sacrificing any of the music's communicative qualities, or its wealth of colours, emotions and atmospheres. The work is coupled here with a concerto of a similar broad appeal, composed by Jaakko Kuusisto, who is a highly respected violinist in his own right, as well as conductor. In his liner notes, Kuusisto recounts how he had toyed with the idea of writing a violin concerto for several years, but that the project only came into fruition after a commission from his colleague Elina Vahala, and the liberating prospect of composing a work for another performer than himself. Appearing for the first time on BIS, the acclaimed violinist Elina Vahala has a wide-ranging career, both geographically and in terms of repertoire. She made her debut at the age of twelve, performing as a soloist with the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, which lends her spirited support on the present disc, and also performs the orchestral piece Leika. Using the Icelandic word for 'play' as its title, Kuusisto's composition displays a playfulness and wealth of colours that makes it a perfect curtain raiser for this appealing disc. 01 Leika for symphony orchestra, Op.24 (2010) 11'35 Jaakko Kuusisto Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op.28 (2011–12) 30'35 02 I. Moderato – attacca – 14'52 03 II. Lento 8'51 04 III. Molto allegro 6'52 John Corigliano Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, 'The Red Violin' (2003) 33'45 05 I. Chaconne 14'23 06 II. Pianissimo Scherzo 5'03 07 III. Andante Flautando 5'51 08 IV. Accelerando Finale 8'28 Album total 77'04


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